Masjid Attendees are kindly requested to avoid parking on Mansfield Road, as to avoid disruption and inconvenience to the local residents, Jazakumullahu-Khairan for your co-operation.

Friday Prayers

Masjid Attendees are not allowed to pray on the pavement or road under any circumstances. Blocking a public pathway is an illegal offence under Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980

Skydive For Palestine 0

Our brothers from the local community participated in a charity skydive jump to raise money for the ummah in Palestine.£5,395.24 has been raised and donated toward this needy cause and the amount is increasing. JazakAllah to those who have already donated. If anyone hasn’t donated and would like to, please do so via the link below. May Allah reward you on your generosity.

In order to give others motivation to aid a cause, examples from the community need to be shown, sometimes one has to be given an incentive by innovating methods. We hope others are encouraged by these two brother’s example to become proactive at times of necessity within their own local community.

Alhumdillah brothers and sisters have been generous may Allah reward them and may they also be granted to take part in such an experience in the future for Allah’s pleasure.

All monies will be raised for Ummah Welfare Trust to go to Palestine. Please donate generously for the good course, the link is below

Note: This charity skydive was set up independently and is not directly linked to Masjid Abu Bakr nor Ummah Welfare Trust, these two brothers are from the Masjid’s local area .  This is soley to encourage and to demonstrate that such good courses are not difficult to be apart of nor to set up, we welcome people to do so in future to help others who are in need.