Muslim Father & Christian Mother


Assalam o alaikum
Dear brother i have one question regarding kids. If a couple get married wife is christian and husband is muslim and they want to have a baby so which religion will be that baby. Also can you leave it for a kid when he will get older and he will decide by itself ?

Thank you



Jazakillahu khairan for your question.
A child will be considered Muslim if any one of the parents is a Muslim. But both parents undoubtedly have influence over the child, especially the mother. A Muslim parent is obliged to pass on Shahadah and prayer to one’s child and this will only be possible if both parents have discussed this before marriage and having children. If a child is left with no guidance, then the child will be lost and be influenced by the environment, which is not a responsible approach in child-upbringing.
Jazakumullahu khaira