Jumu’ah registrations are now open! 17th July 2020

Jumu’ah registrations are now open! 17th July 2020


As salaamu alaykum.

Registrations are now open for you to book your space for Jumu’ah salaah.

Please note it is very important you only book the places you need to allow everyone else to have a chance of getting a space.
Spaces are limited!

There are three Jamaat times to chose from:
You will be given a QR code which will need to be shown at the Masjid.

Things to remember:
– Wear your face mask
– Make Wudu from home
– Sanitise your hands after taking off your shoes
– Keep your social distance
– No physical contact

Who cannot attend:
– No under 12s
– No over 70s
– If you are shielding

The Prophet (SAW) said:
“The person who has a bath on Friday, purifies himself as far as possible, applies oil to his hair, applies perfume, leaves for the musjid, when he arrives at the musjid he does not sit down by removing anyone from his place, offers as many nafl salaats as possible, when the imam delivers the khutbah he remains silent – then his sins from the previous jumu’ah till now will be forgiven.”

Jazakamullahu Khayr.
Masjid Abu Bakr.

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