Ramadan 2023 Rewards

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Ramadan 2023 Rewards

*Ramadan 2023 Rewards*

After last years success, Masjid Abu Bakr is pleased to be taking part in this year’s LaunchGood challenge & raising much needed funds for the Masjid insha’Allah 🕌 

We will receive *$100* for every person who signs up using these simple steps.

1. Simply, click our link & log in 

2. Set your daily amount (30 days or last 10 days, even as little as £2)

3. 1st donation will be for Masjid Abu Bakr & the remainder you can select which campaigns to support by clicking “explore campaigns” or LaunchGood will simply select for you.  

4. That’s it, anyone who signs up through our link by March 23rd will help us receive an amazing *$100 bonus*. 💫 


Please sign up & share with your contacts to get your bonus reward from Allah swt 🤲🏽

Alternatively you can just donate any amount via the direct page: 


Jazak’Allahu Khair 

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