Every week, brothers from the community team up at local venues in Walthamstow for a game of 7-8 aside football during evening hours.

We have mixture of people from different backgrounds who play together – with some of our imams also taking part.

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been competing together regularly since 2014 and have entered 2 charity tournaments so far.

There is a great atmosphere amongst us. The matches are competitive but Alhamdulillah there is no foul language or poor behaviour.

The football sessions also allow us to pray together in the field during prayer times.

Overall the football session not only keeps us fit and healthy but also nurtures a strong sense of brotherhood and community spirit.

All of this is with the grace of Allah!


What about you?

⚽️ Do you have some skills to show or are you waiting for us to train you?

⚽️ Why not bring your own team along to give us a challenge?

Anything for charity is a win-win. 👍🏼

Please get in touch.